Why Financial Literacy is So Important

Why Financial Literacy is So Important

Financial literacy, at its simplest, is the ability to understand how our financial system operates on a personal level. There are many aspects to financial literacy, including an understanding of how to earn money, how to manage your money, how to invest money, understanding risk management, and being able to recognize when borrowing money is may be a good idea.

Unfortunately, a lack of financial literacy is a serious problem in the United States, leading many consumers to borrow more than they should or make poor financial decisions that leave them owing money that they cannot pay back. There are many issues that contribute to widespread problems with financial literacy, including the following:

  • As pensions and increasingly replaced by 401k savings accounts, consumers are required to make more and more decisions on their own, rather than relying on the professional fund management.
  • Consumers have more and more complex options from which to choose, often with vastly different levels of risk that may not be apparent to a non-professional.
  • The financial environment is rapidly changing as we move to a globalized and electronic investment economy. As a result, ordinary consumers are simply unable to keep up with the information and volatility of the modern marketplace.

While a lack of financial literacy is a social problem that needs to be addressed, the reality is that businesses that are owed money need to protect themselves by collecting the debts that they are owed.

CMCS Can Help

At CMCS, we are committed to helping businesses in a variety of industries collect their unpaid debts. We work throughout the United States and internationally, and our management staff has over a century of experience in debt collection. We are well-versed in the various state and federal regulations that apply to debt collection practices, and you can rest assured that we will comply with all relevant laws while still aggressively seeking to rectify your delinquent accounts.

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If your business is having difficulty recovering money it is owed from your clients or customers, you should call CMCS to learn more about our debt collection services today. We work in a variety of industries and understand how to effectively and efficient recover debts in a professional and ethical manner. Furthermore, if we are unable to collect on an account, we will not receive a collection fee. To learn more about our services, call our office today at 800-223-6259.