Asking the Right Questions in Collections

Asking the Right Questions in Collections

When you hire a professional commercial debt collection company to help collect unpaid debts for your business, you want to ensure that they will be efficient in helping you get paid as soon as possible. Therefore, you must always hire a company that has extensive experience and knowledge in the strategies and approaches that work in the debt collection process. One important thing collectors should know is which questions to avoid and which questions to ask when engaging in communications with debtors.

Do Not Let Debtors Dictate the Situation

Too many debt collectors try to get debtors to cooperate by simply being friendly and nice. In too many cases, this involves asking the debtor what works for them. However, this minimizes the self-assuredness of the collector and gives the debtor a sense of control in the situation. For example:

“When do you plan to make a payment?” This question puts the ball in the debtor’s court and can make them think they have the power to dictate a payment arrangement or schedule.

“Have you sent a check?” This lets the debtor know that you are expecting a payment now. In addition, it is not an open-ended question that gives the debtor license to direct the conversation. If the debtor responds that they have not sent a check, keep control of the situation by requesting they send it that day. Make clear your expectations that the payment happens right then and not when it best suits the debtor. This gives the collector an air of control and self-assuredness and continues the conversation toward a concrete resolution instead of an additional discussion over schedules.

Follow Up

It is important to ask the right questions and avoid the wrong ones in collections. Even if you ask the right questions, however, you may receive promises that are later broken. It is critical to strategically follow up on broken promises in a timely manner and these communications should often be prioritized as some headway has been made in the collection process with this particular debtor.

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