Transportation Debt Collection

Transportation Debt Collection

CMCS is a debt collection agency that has been collecting from debtors since 1984. When collecting air, ground, ocean, LTL transportation, TL, or PTL debts, we prefer to use a customized approach. We believe that using a unique collection campaign allows us to protect our client's best interests with the best results. When you partner with CMCS for transportation industry debt collection, you can rest assured that your claims will be handled by professionals that understand the strategies needed to achieve success and protect relationships between you and your customers.

Transportation Collection Specialists

As a transportation industry debt collection agency, we understand the unique needs of many transporters including rain, trail, container shipment, aircraft, trucks, freight liners, 18 wheelers, postal transportation, and much more. Our services span from debt collection to recovery of bulk freight. We offer services that allow us to handle the entirety of account receivables or simple debt collections. Our team of debt collectors understand the intricacies of all transportation receivable accounts, which enable us to negotiate, explain, and collect debts quickly and easily.

Transportation Debt Collection

Transportation Collections

The transportation debt collection industry is vast and includes domestic or maritime shipping, landing fees, and any other receivables related to transportation. All of our transportation debt collection representatives are familiar with laws, regulations, and other aspects of the industry that make collecting debts easier to do. Having the industry knowledge in the transportation sector increases collection rates and allows for a more customized approach to collecting debt.

The following key features to our transportation debt collection services include:

  • Errors and omissions transportation liability reporting
  • Claims assistance for international, domestic, air, motor, and ocean freight
  • Warehouse and distribution issues
  • Professional transport liability
 Transportation Collection Specialists

Benefits of Using Transportation Debt Collection Company

In addition to improving your company's financial health, there are many positives to using a debt collection company for transportation claims. Many of the benefits associated with using a collections company include:

  • Preservation of the client-customer relationship
  • Established and proven subrogation protocols
  • Successful debtrecovery techniques
  • Cooperative collection process allowing for continuous business with debtor after account is resolved
  • Inter-claims become point of contact for all negative turn-outs
  • Customer service and respect to all clients
  • Less stress for in-house representatives

Other key services provided by our debt collection agency include 1st party collections, 3rd party collections, accounts receivable backlog,an extension of your credit/collections department, and soft collection.

Debt Collection Services

CMCS can collect your transportation outstanding debts and provide you with results that won't compromise your customer relationships. All of our representatives are trained to handle transportation industry debt collection and will improve your company's overall financial health. Contact CMCS today to get started on debt recovery for the transportation industry.

Transportation Collections