Telecommunications Debt Collection

Telecommunications Debt Collection

Explosive growth and deregulation of services have created enormous opportunities for telecommunication providers. While telecom companies have expanded and grown a great deal over the years, they have also acquired a significant amount of telecommunication industry debt. Pressure to increase and retain subscribers has resulted in high overhead costs associated with converging services, which has led to escalating write-offs in the industry. CMCS has provided debt collection services to major telecommunication providers for decades and has a proven track record of improving account receivables in the industry.

Debt Collection Services for Telecommunications

With so much competition in the industry, it is easy for customers to just switch suppliers and leave outstanding debts behind. When this happens, many companies will write-off the balances, but there are better solutions available. CMCS offers close management of customer relationships during the telecommunications industry debt collection process, which helps ensure customer retention. CMCS serves all types of telecommunication providers in the United States, with a firm commitment to providing outstanding service and recovery in the telecommunications debt collection. We can offer superior debt collection service by effectively managing each stage of the revenue cycle. All of our representatives are experts in the field and know how to preserve customer relationships while overcoming excuses and stalls that can arise throughout the collection process.

Telecommunications Debt Collection

Telecommunications Debt Recovery

The telecommunication industry is continuously evolving. At CMCS, we constantly reinvent and reorganize the way we collect these debts to meet the direct and indirect changes in the industry. By staying on top of the changes in the industry, we can provide timely, comprehensive solutions to increase profits and reduce operation costs.

Aspects of the telecommunications industry that we can service include:

  • Long distance
  • Wireless services
  • Broadband services
  • Satellite
  • Landlines
  • Internet
  • Cable

CMCS understands customers are at the base of telecommunication company's success. To help retain customers, CMCS creates an accurate profile of each debtor. Through this profile, each debtor is assigned a risk score, which is used to create the most appropriate strategy to collect the debt. For instance, the risk score may call for habitual late payers to be left to self-cure, and to instead focus more collection efforts on high-value, high-risk customers. To maintain customer satisfaction, automatic and manual provisioning can be achieved. To do this, suspension, termination, and re-activation services can be employed. With debarring, throttling, and download restrictions, customers can both be encouraged and rewarded for making payments.

Debt Collection Services for Telecommunications

Collections Agency for Telecommunications

CMCS is dedicated to telecommunications industry debt problems. We have specialized telecommunication industry representatives that can collect debt from commercial and residential customers. When working with industry customers, our team members can expertly negotiate and collect debts while maintaining customer satisfaction with our client. To make sure our team members understand and manage issues that are specific to the telecommunications industry, several initial and ongoing training programs are completed.

Training programs are offered to our team members for handling the following telecommunications issues:

  • FCC rules and regulations
  • Telephone, wireless, and Internet services
  • Slamming and unauthorized switching of services
  • First-party outsourcing

Our debt collection services offer flexible options that work seamlessly with your operations for efficiency. To learn more about our scalable, comprehensive receivables management solutions that match your telecommunications industry debt collection needs, contact us today. Our representatives are experts in the industry and will provide you with the solutions you need to protect your financial health.

Telecommunications Debt Recovery