Staffing Debt Recovery

Staffing Debt Recovery

Staffing agencies depend on revenue from clients to keep their business afloat. Fees for employee placement and recruitment services are paid to staffing agencies and expected to be paid on a regular basis. When these fees aren't paid on a regular basis, staffing agencies can sever ties with the client, but that still leaves the debt unpaid. Over time, the staffing agency will have to work to collect the debt or write it off completely. At CMCS, we have a team of debt collectors with the expertise and detailed training needed to recover debt in the staffing industry.

Staffing Industry Debt Collection

The investigation into all staffing industry debt collection will begin immediately upon receipt. Our skilled debt collection team has experience with difficult challenges in the staffing industry including on-site partner agreements, direct hire staffing, temp-napping, project based staffing, temporary staffing, and back door hires. We are also able to customize our services to meet your company's specific needs and requirements.

Our specialists can work staffing debt collection cases easily because of our team's knowledge and understanding of how the business works. We realize the staffing industry is unique,and we understand the intricacies involved in staffing. In-depth knowledge of the industry and the expertise in collecting delinquent staffing fees allows us to communicate terms specific to the business with debtors. Our knowledge of the industry is equally important when we are reporting to you; the client.

Staffing Debt Recovery ]

Staffing Collection Agency

The staffing industry debt collection is considered a third tier debt by most companies. What this means is if a company is having a cash flow problem, they will make paying their employees, rent, and main suppliers a priority, and will fall behind on paying staffing companies recruitment fees and other outstanding balances. With our team on your side, we will work to elevate your debt to a higher priority, which will help collect debts faster.

Another aspect that makes our debt collection process unique is the fact that we work to collect debt with amicable resolutions. When debt disputes and delinquent accounts are handled amicably, the client and customer can continue to have a positive business relationship that benefits both. By having a strong reputation for collecting fees, clients can set a precedent that ensures businesses make your fees a priority in the future.

Staffing Debt Collection

When you contract with CMCS to handle your delinquent accounts, we want you to think of us as a partner in your business. Our collection experts work diligently to recover monies owed and develop techniques that make delinquent accounts less of a problem in the future.If you have too many delinquent account write-offs, you need the help of an expert, professional debt collection team. CMCS offers third party collection services, debt recovery, and credit report services. Our professional debt collectors will begin working on your claim immediately and will provide you with the best results possible.

Staffing Industry Debt Collection