Equipment Leasing Debt Collection

Equipment Leasing Debt Collection

The equipment leasing industry is diverse, extensive, and requires a professional understanding of the Personal Property Securities Act. When it comes to collecting debt in the equipment leasing industry, the agency collecting the debt must understand the Securities Act and how it applies to outstanding debts. At CMCS, our debt collection experts are trained in how to locate assets, assessing damage caused by the lessee, and collecting monies associated with the cost of repairs. Our debt recovery team also understands the importance of having proper paperwork and documentation in place, and understand proper search procedures in order to obtain the most successful results in debt collection.

Equipment Leasing Collections

CMCS debt collection services can be customized to meet your needs. Our debt collection team will take the time needed to understand your particular debt collection requirements. The flexibility of our services allows us to fit in with your collection cycles and offer assistance where needed. If you have no credit control or accounts receivable team in place, we can come up with a solution that will fill this need. For lessors with a complex operation and in-house collection team, we can offer one or many of our services that compliment your existing services.

Equipment Leasing Debt Collection

Debt Recovery for Equipment Leasing

At CMCS, we understand the leasing industry is extremely complex. Whether you are leasing a copier, a brand new car, or a crane for industrial use, we can help you collect on bad debts. When you partner with us, our debt recovery team will take the time to learn what makes your business unique. We understand the requirements of the equipment leasing industry and we will come up with a solution that meets your debt collection needs. For instance, we understand the difference between finance leases, operating leases, standard leases, and commercial hire purchases, which allows us to offer the right debt recovery options for any situation.

Our debt recovery agency has several solutions that can help you recover equipment leasing debt. Listed below include our debt recovery services:

  • Insolvency and bankruptcy actions
  • Skip tracing services to locate debtors
  • Issuing face to face contact
  • Issuing default notices to debtors
  • Issuing solicitor letters of demand
  • Recovery and repossession of assets
  • Issuing prepaid demands
  • Make telephone demand for payments
  • Negotiate payments
  • Perform title searches
  • Debt collection - Commission or contingent based recovery of bad debts
  • Debt purchase - We can purchase your debts from you
  • Legal action - We can forward your debtor accounts to an attorney for litigation
  • Credit control that will improve collection process
Equipment Leasing Collections

Debt Collection Services

Contact our debt collection services for debt recovery of equipment leasing. Through our services, we can provide the very best debt collection options and results. By collecting bad debt, you will notice an increase in cash flow and better financial health. Contact us today and we will be happy to explain how our services can make your business stronger and more sustainable. All of our professionals are experts in the field of equipment leasing and are dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

Debt Recovery for Equipment Leasing