Placement Form

Placement Form

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We request collection of this account which is not a consumer debt as defined by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and we attach the enclosed statement and supporting documents. You are to begin with the following designated service: CLAIMS NOT DESIGNATED WILL BE MADE UP IN PERSONAL SERVICE.

Rate Structure:

SMALL CLAIMS RATES: 50% of accounts of $200.00 or less; $100.00 minimum fee on accounts of $200.00 to $400.00
COMMERCIAL CLAIMS RATES:25% on amounts collected on a per claim basis between $400.00 and $3,000.00; 18% on amounts collected over $3,000.00

Rates in example case:

$10,000 case at standard rates is collected in a settlement of 80% at the agency level.

$3000 x .25= $750

$7000 x .18= $1260

Total fee = $2,010 or overall rate of 20.1%

Legal Rates:

Pre-Paid Court Costs to be advanced by Client.

+ 30-40%* on a contingency basis. At times a non-contingent fee may be required. This means that the attorney believes the case is unlikely to be paid, and should figure into the decision-making process for suit. We generally recommend investing less than 10% of the recovery amount upfront into a case.

*Contingency based legal services are generally not allowed in Canada. Each case will have to be dealt with individually. If you need further information on this scenario, please call or email Richard Brownlee @ 800.223.6259 for further clarification.