Our Staff

CMCS Corporate Office Staff

Richard Brownlee, VP of Operations
Areas of Expertise: Legal Files, Large Cases, Internal Procedure Implementation, General Management
Contact Info:
800-223-6259 ext 102

Barb Jones, Accounting/Lead Collector
Areas of Expertise: Reporting, Priority Cases, Remittance
Contact Info:
800-223-6259 ext 101

LeeAnn Wall, Lead Collector, Account Management
Areas of Expertise: Reporting, Legal Files, Priority Cases, Specialty Reports, Electronic File Setup Automation
Contact Info:
800-223-6259 ext 107

Dale Smith III, Sales, Marketing, Website Development
Areas of Expertise: Web Design, Marketing Materials, Customer Databasing, Presentations, Account Management, New Business Development
Contact Info:
800-223-6259 ext 103

Other Key Employees:

Brenda Stordahl, Admin/Reception/New Claims