Health and Life Insurance Debt Collection

Health and Life Insurance Debt Collection in Nemaha County, NE

Since 1984, CMCS has provided clients with health and life insurance debt collection in Nemaha County, NE. Our firm specializes in handling difficult and even disputed premiums and auditing client files, too. Specifically, our debt collection firm can provide results on old receivables, deductibles, disputes, and audits. Our debt collection team has the skill, knowledge, and experience needed to handle these accounts with diligence and integrity. When you partner with a reputable collection agency to handle your debt collection processes, you can help maintain relationships with debtors to encourage interactions in the future.

Health and Life Insurance Debt Collection Nemaha County, NE

Debt Collection for Health and Life Insurance in Nemaha County

During our years in the business, we have grown to be an industry leader in health and life insurance debt collection in Nemaha County. We have achieved this success by working with hundreds of companies and carriers over the years in the United States, Canada, and abroad. Our debt recovery specialists are able to assist clients with the proper steps on how to keep their cash flow going, even on aged receivables with proven debt collection techniques. Additionally, companies will be able to balance their books and in return, service their own clients better with a view towards growth and improvement.

Health Insurance Debt Collection in Nemaha County, NE

Our debt collection services in Nemaha County, NE are custom tailored for the health and life insurance industry. We offer a unique approach to each claim that is received. With the changing economy, our debt collection agency ensures that the tools used are in line with the varying needs of clients and debtors. Some of the latest tools include electronic file processing, online access to accounts, and even access to valuable cell phone numbers. Other beneficial services include retroactive adjustments, 1st party collection services, deductions and disputes, 3rd party bad debt services, audit billings, SWAT projects, and fixed fee programs.

We are so confident in our ability to collect debts associated with healthcare or life insurance that we offer a variety of incentives to clients. Additional incentives include no charge adjustments, customized reporting to clients, free 10-day demand, free skip tracing (3rd party), and most importantly, collection representatives experienced in the industry.

Debt Collection for Health and Life Insurance Nemaha County, NE

Debt Collection Services in Nemaha County

Partnering with a reputable and experienced debt collection agency for the health and life insurance industry is invaluable. CMCS takes the time in evaluating each debt received from a client by beginning an investigation that includes your company's needs and objectives. An account manager will oversee your account and monitor results to make sure we are meeting your goals and expectations. Better yet, we will keep you aware of all account statuses. Whether you have accounts that are 30, 60 or 90 days past due, you can decide when you want us to intervene on your behalf. It's important to note, the sooner you partner with us to collect your debts, the better return you can expect.

To decrease your company write-offs and increase cash flow, it's important to contact CMCS today. Our staff is professional, knowledgeable, and will exceed your expectations. To learn more about our services, give us a call today.

Debt Collection Agency Nemaha County, NE