International Debt Collection

International Debt Collection in Douglas County

Many companies buy on credit from businesses in the United States. When it comes to recovering international debt, CMCS can offer their professional and knowledgeable services in debt recovery in Douglas County, MO. We work with many countries outside the United States, specifically China, Europe, and Canada. Whether we work with the credit insurance division of the company or the exporter itself, we can make international debt collection easier.

International Debt Recovery in Douglas County, MO

To collect an international debt, we work with current credit and asset information. With this information, we are able to supply shippers and credit insurance companies with current financial information on a particular company in the United States, China, Europe, or Canada. No matter what stage of the debt recovery transaction you are currently involved in, we can get involved at any point of the process. We will verify letters of credit, shipments, and even provide inspections once the goods are received.

International Debt Collection Douglas County, MO

How Does International Debt Collection Work?

When you place an international debt collection account in Douglas County, we will begin to investigate the company that was given credit. The investigation report will include the customers' ability to pay. If the company is disputing the charges for a particular reason, the report will include any dispute information. Under most situations, an initial investigation debt collection, and recovery report is delivered to clients within 24 to 48 hours of receipt of the claim.

International Debt Collection in China

Language and cultural barriers can make obtaining adequate credit information on foreign buyers in China difficult. Today, many companies have a global reach that extends all over the world, which makes it important to obtain accurate credit information quickly. CMCS has an international recovery team whose proven techniques can provide a unique solution to your international debt collection problems.

International Debt Collection in Europe

Our European debt collection team is very effective when it comes to working with claims that were non-collectable previously. With established relationships all over the world, our agency is able to provide positive solutions to international account receivables. Additionally, our unique phased collection process gives us a huge advantage in collecting your accounts before you even contact us. As soon as we complete the initial credit assessment, we will be able to advise you on how we will work the account, or whether the account should immediately be escalated for best results.

International Debt Recovery

International Debt Collection in Canada

CMCS has debt collection experts in accounts receivable in Canada. Canadian collection agencies are limited in their ability to collect debt in America. As a result, most unresolved Canadian debt collections are ultimately referred to a lawyer in the US. But, this isn't necessary when you choose an international debt collection agency. Our team members specialize in accounts receivables and debt recovery. Canadian creditors with debtors in the US can count on us to work their claims with proven results.

International Debt Collection Services in Douglas County

For help with your international debt collection, contact CMCS today! All of our debt collection specialists are trained to handle every claim with professionalism and attention to detail, which will improve profits, decrease write-offs, and improve your company's financial health in Douglas County.

How Does International Debt Collection Work?