Energy Debt Collection

Energy Debt Collection in Dougherty County, GA

As electricity has been deregulated, the system and services these industries count on to operate properly have been left to dwindle and become more out of touch with the people it services. One area that is severely lacking is the collections approach used by many traditional solar, oil, and gas agencies. To increase profits, companies need to turn to debt collection agencies that specialize in the specific industry they are targeting. CMCS is a debt collection agency that concentrates on the energy industry with the knowledge and skill necessary to collect outstanding debts in Dougherty County, GA.

Debt Collection for the Energy Industry in Dougherty County

One of the problems with traditional collection agencies used by companies in the energy industry is that it has lost a human touch. With a huge volume of energy customers being turned over to collections on a daily basis, it makes sense that companies have turned to automated systems to reduce cost. However, without human interaction, debt recovery percentages continue to decrease. Luckily, this trend can be mitigated when companies partner with a debt collection agency in Dougherty Countythat knows how to balance a personal touch with the ability to collect outstanding balances. CMCS uses a combination of debt recovery tools that has increased the success rate for recovering debt.

For debt collection on energy accounts, CMCS uses a combination of tried and tested debt recovery tools. The intelligent processes that CMCS use include strategic dialing and pre-scoring accounts. The combination of these two techniques allows our professional customer service team to ensure they are targeting the right accounts quickly. CMCS believes that live agent interaction is the best way to increase debt collections.

Energy Debt Collection Dougherty County, GA

Debt Collection Services in Dougherty County, GA

CMCS offers debt collection services nationwide. No matter how large or small your energy company is, CMCS has the solutions needed to partner with you to collect outstanding debts. Our current customers using our energy industry debt collection services appreciate the options we offer. Whether you need debt collections for commercial or residential customers, we can offer solutions that will help to solve your bad debt and decrease write-offs. Our debt collection agency offers a variety of options including 1st party collections and supplemental call center collections. One of the ways CMCS can offer solutions that customers appreciate is by running credit assessment reports from the first-day accounts are received. From the credit assessment reports, we can implement processes to maximize debt recovery in Dougherty County.

Debt Collection for Energy Accounts in Dougherty County

After we receive an energy account from you, we run risk assessments and determine the best course of action to move forward. In addition to collecting bad debt, we can also help you find money in your aged receivables. When we examine your aged receivables, we will review your older receivables, even if they have been charged off. Through this examination, we can help determine where you are making mistakes and learn how to better improve your debt collection processes.

Contact CMCS today for energy industry debt collection assistance. We offer customized debt recovery services in Dougherty County, GA, that will help improve your cash flow. Our professional debt collection specialists are ready to discuss your options with you today.

Debt Collection for the Energy IndustryDougherty County, GA